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Utah v Cal, NCAA Gymnastics

A Catalog of Blissful Obsessive Behavior

It’s Friday.

Start at 5am. Read The Radical Crusade of Mike Pence – Rolling Stone and Bashar al-Assad’s War Crimes, Exposed – The New Yorker

Four shots espresso at 630. 9 Pokemon caught.

Add all new releases to Apple Music Library (new Menzingers!). Listen to a few seconds from the first track of each and begin the first round of deleting unwanted albums, especially Blues, R&B, Christian, etc. Begin second round with 334 songs remaining.

Hold Pokemon Go Plus button in palm, pressing the button every time it buzzes. Do this all day, unobserved.

Three podcasts down by 730, at double speed. Delete a bunch that came in overnight – I only need to listen to one or two on SCOTUS, not seven.


830am – round two song cull complete – 175 songs remain.

episode one, Santa Clarita Diet (watched on iPad in shower)




Start work

Photos made before lunch: 1,185

Photos made after lunch: 569




End of day. 142 Pokemon caught.

House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Standing Committee

Welcome to Refugees